Your Off Road ToolBox

What is in your 0ff road tool box?


Getting your vehicle ready for the abuse of off-roading might be as much fun as the actual off-roading.  I can imagine how preparing for an off road adventure would drive a massive amount of excitement.  For me, I can relate to this as the scouting that goes in before the start of hunting season.  It is exciting and fun and drives the anticipation.

Getting your ride ready properly is a key ingredient to ensure that you have a second trip off roading. (Unless your are extremely rich and don’t care).   Me, I would care and take the the time to ensure my beast is


One way to prep your vehicle for the rigors of the off road is to spray a coating on it.  That is right, I said a coating.  Not just in coating, a truck bed liner coating.  Scorpion has been in the coatings marketing for over 25 years and we have seen the popularity of this grow by leaps and bounds.

The abuse that a vehicle will see while off-roading is high and unpredictable.  A bed liner offers a layer of protection that will take the abuse of what will be throw at it.  The undercarriage and rocker panels take a lot of abuse when off road and this is a cost effective way to protect and extend their service.  Bed liners come in many names and brands.  From the off the shelf DIY kits, to the professional grade, they are solid option for the off roader in you.  I would encourage you to do your research when selecting.  Keep in mind that the DIY products will almost exclusively be a very low solids content product.  Low solids equal less durability.  Depending on what your habits on the trail may be, a DIY or Shake and Shoot bed liner option might be just what you need.