It goes without saying- protecting the bed of your truck is very important. Whether you’re planning to transport camping equipment, your best friend’s sofa, surfboards, or a bunch of lawn equipment this summer, you need to have something dependable installed on the bed of your truck to protect it from getting dinged, scratched, covered in rust, etc.

Lucky for you, there are is a simple, affordable, and effective solution to protect your bedliner for the long run…Scorpion’s epic X02 spray on bedliner. Spray on bedliner not only offers an excellent form of protection, but it looks like it belongs on the bed of your truck.

Our spray on bedliner has a thick, durable, UV resistant, and if you want, a colorful coating.


And if you would like a little more pizzazz, you can make Scorpion X02 sparkle with our metal flake finish.



Scorpion spray on bedliner will outperform any drop-in solution, no matter how “custom” that solution may be.  As our website states: “Scorpion X02 yields excellent abrasion resistance, high tensile strength, and superior elongation and tear properties.  Scorpion XO2 performs exceptionally well in virtually all production, weather and chemical environments.”

Speaking of weather – if you live in a rainy climate, a drop in solution will be a pain in the you-know-what.  Even after the rain stops and you think everything is dry, rainwater could be sitting under the liner for days- which then leads to rust eating away at your truck bed.  Ideally, you’d remove the drop in bedliner every time it rains… but come on man, no one should have to do this!  With a spray on solution, you don’t have to think twice when it rains, or when you take your truck to get washed, etc. The bed of your truck will be 100% sealed and protected.

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