If you want to keep your truck bed looking fantastic after X02 spray on solution has been applied, you’ll need to do some light maintenance here and there.  And by light, we mean light. Basically, if you have 5 minutes, access to a hose, a broom, soap, and some towels, you’ll be good to go!

Here are three simple steps to follow when sprucing up your truck bed:

1.) Remove Any Debris

Before cleaning the bed of your truck, you’ll want to make sure that sticks, rocks, or other large pieces of debris are removed first. Once those objects are out of the way, you can use a broom to sweep away the smaller, less abrasive debris – such as sand, dirt, dust, etc.

Note: Don’t use your broom to sweep off the sticks and the rocks. Not only could you pelt a pedestrian walking by or anyone else in the line of fire, doing this could leave scratches on the bed of your truck.

2.) Wipe Your Bedliner

Fill up a bucket with warm or hot water. The water needs to be soapy, so squeeze in some liquid dishwashing soap or soap that you use to clean your vehicle. Wet a sponge or towel in the soapy water and begin wiping down your spray on bedliner. If you come across a spot that is hard to remove, you can go at it with a soft toothbrush or any other brush with soft bristles.

3.) Finish and Dry

So, this is the final, excruciating step…

Grab a water hose and spray off the surface of your truck bed.  After you have sprayed it down, use some towels to dry it off, and you’re all set!

X02 spray on bedliner is far from high maintenance, however, it will always be a vital part of your truck. Therefore, it deserves to be treated with care.  Following these simple steps will ensure that your truck bed is always looking top notch!

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