As you may know by now, Scorpion Protective Coatings works hard to provide car owners with reliable spray on bed-liners that can be used to protect your vehicles and make them look great, too. Traditionally, these liners are made to be used in truck beds. Our spray in bed-liners can also be used for the bodies of your other vehicles, too, like your car, boat, or for commercial and business use.

However, for special vehicles such as fire trucks or ambulances, Scorpion’s conventional X02 formula might not stand up to the rigorous demands that emergency vehicles encounter every day. Scorpion has created two special X02 protective coating formulas precisely to help get the job done right!

We Don’t Want To Set The World On Fire

In fact, Scorpion made the X02 Fire Retardant formula to prevent fires from exacerbating dangerous situations. Vehicles for operations such as rescue missions and extinguishing fires need to be reliable in order to fulfill the responsibilities of the job. This formula exceeds expectations set by the FAA’s fire retardant standards for aircraft interiors and is applicable to horizontal, vertical, and irregular surfaces. How dangerous could a situation become if the vehicle sent to put out a fire were to catch on fire like this one? Our fire retardant formula could’ve come in handy in this situation.

Preventing Biological Growth

Our second specially designed X02 formula is made to prevent the spreading or increase of biological growth. Ambulances and places such as hospitals and labs that have public showers can easily provide the perfect environment for bacteria, mold, and other mildews. With the use of Scorpion’s X02 Zero Biological Growth spray, which is made with few free carbons to reduce the possibility of growth, the spread of these bacteria are a thing of the past!

These special X02 formulas are made to help protect those performing difficult jobs in dangerous environments. If you’re involved in something that requires special care and need to assure that your life and those of others as well as your vehicles are protected, contact Scorpion today!