World Travels and Interesting Applications   As a former bed liner training, I have seen many applications of the Scorpion XO2.  Bed liners are great….it is what have and always will be for 24 years.  BUT, other applications can be more interesting because you are getting outside the box to find new uses and ways to spray.   

  • Trailers

  • Containment

  • Decks

  • Boats

  • Military

  • Buoys

  I have been fortunate in my time with Scorpion to have traveled the United States and seen many different applications for XO2.  I have been to boat manufacturing facilities that contract for the US Navy, I have been to the US Army Aberdeen Proving Grounds.  These facilities are the most advanced, state of the art, world wide leaders in what they do!     Ambulance and Fire Trucks   Oh yeah, XO2 is strong enough for Emergency Services!  If a bed liner coating is strong enough for EMS equipment, imagine what it can do for your truck bed liner.    My travels have put me into industry leaders in their market.  WHY?     They are looking for a solution.  Each user is looking for a different outcome, but they have similar needs.  They build amazing equipment, but somewhere in the process is a weak link.     This weak link comes in many forms:  

  • A high corrosion area

  • Impact resistance

  • UV degradation

  • Non-slip

  • Anti-Microbial

Another thing they have in common is the need for a simple application that provides results.  XO2 is simple and does not require a large capital investment or long term contract.  Mix as needed or mix as much as needed.  It is a simple batch mix system that provides results.      In 2015, I attended the FDIC International Conference in Indianapolis Indiana.  I walked the show admiring the firetrucks and ambulances from around the world.  Sutphen Fire Trucks, a long time Scorpion Customer, had many trucks on display and was unveiling a new ladder truck.  Drew Sutphen saw me and immediately recognized me as “his coatings guy”.  Drew gave me serval minutes of time to chat as we spoke about the coating, he said “ it works and it looks amazing:.     Let me point out that this is a guy that has been in the fire truck industry his whole life.     THAT IS A GOOD COMPLEMENT.  

It works and it looks amazing!

Drew Sutphen

Owner, Sutphen

This will be the first installment in a multi set blog series about applications other than than truck bed liner.  

Beau Battin