World Travels and Interesting Applications Part III

As a former bed liner training, I have seen many applications of the Scorpion XO2.  Bed liners are great….it is what have and always will be for 24 years.  BUT, other applications can be more interesting because you are getting outside the box to find new uses and ways to spray.

Spray Scorpion

In the first installment I spoke about many of our EMS and fire truck applications.   And in the second, we talked about solving a problem for an engineering company that need liquid containment!    We helped them dodge a serious bullet as they had spent major money $$$$$ in tooling for this project without testing the viability of chemical containment.


For todays installment, it is somewhat of a sensitive nature……  I am not at liberty to tell you much about it!  That is right, background screening, security checks, and do not discuss clauses.  Ultimately, the basic information that I can share is that this was for a very special group of US Military personnel that had a very specific mission.

I really wish we could blab all the juicy details about this application because it was really one of a kind and very unique to the world events that were taking place 5 years ago.  I look back on this training fondly and would do it all over again today just to be a part of something like this one more time.  The travel, the excitement, doing our part, and honor to be providing products for events that are taking place in our world.


Why they pursued a coating?

These special men and women needed a coating that was multi-purpose.  It was going to need elongation properties because of impacts, but it also had to have tensile strength so it would not tear easily.  Of corse, adhesion to the substrate was a given. Also, they were looking for non-skid properties to ensure proper footing.


Again, you will have to trust me that Scorpion did our part for the US Armed Forces.  We supplied and taught the contractor how to properly install to get the best performance from Scorpion XO2.




YES, without a doubt, but unfortunately, one application that I can’t give you any more details on.   This trip to the West Coast of the United States will go down as one of my favorites and most memorable.  This trip also proves that yet again, Scorpion XO2 is MUCH more than just a truck bed liner. The vast possibility of applications are out there and you just have to find one.   For those looking to add on to their existing business, rest assured that you will be provided your customers with a solid product that will be backed by Scorpion.  For those looking for a coating, contact us, let us help you find an installer that can take care of your coating needs in a professional and timely manner.


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