Part 2


World Travels and Interesting Applications  


As a former bed liner training, I have seen many applications of the Scorpion XO2.  Bed liners are great….it is what have and always will be for 24 years.  BUT, other applications can be more interesting because you are getting outside the box to find new uses and ways to spray.   

Spray Scorpion


In the first installment I spoke about many of our EMS and fire truck applications.   For todays discussion, I struggle to classify the type of application other than it was for a warehouse that had an extreme need.  Their problem was the cleanliness of forklift tires that were entering the warehouse.  


Forklift tires are one of the top contamination points for clean warehouses or food processing facilities.  


I discovered this after an engineering company based in New York had been contracted to solve a problem in an economical way for a food processing plant.  


The bottom line……..a quick and easy way to sanitize the tires of the forklift before entering the plant.  


The engineering company had a fabulous idea to use recycled materials in effort to build a small trough  type of ramp that the fork lifts could drive through to sanitize the tires and then drive out on the other side.  It was an environmentally friendly design, using recycled materials and it took up a minimal footprint.  The problem was that the trough did not contain the sanitation solution.  The liquid material worked its way through the trough in only a matter of minutes and began spilling on the surrounding ground.  This was now a problem because it was wasting the solution and it created a slip hazard.

This is Unacceptable!  

Small Scale Test Trough







This led them to research options for solution containment within the trough.  They found Scorpion Protective Coatings and the XO2 coating product.  

The recycled material was not something we had ever considered spraying before so we started with some adhesion test on small scale troughs.  It worked perfectly.  Next step was to check if we contained the solution with no leaking.  


The sanitation solution was potent and I was never privileged with complete information about what was in it.  Let just say that when they shipped me some, it was eating the metal can that it was shipped in.  So at this point I knew we had the adhesion issue taken care of now could XO2 stand up to what appeared to be an extremely potent sanitation solution? 


We decided that the initial test would be for 72 hours.  


It passed.  


We used another round of solution that had double the disinfectant for 72 hours.


It passed.   


XO2 solved what was a major problem for the engineering company.  They had spent considerable money in tooling and R&D and the product they produced did not work.  The simple addition of Scorpion’s XO2 coated their trough and the end product performed exactly as it should.