Work? What Work…….

What gets you excited about a new day at the office? 


For the purpose of this blog post, please keep in mind that this is about work and not about the weekend with the kids at the swimming pool. It is about time spent with your second family at the office or traveling across the globe training and learning.  It is not game night and popcorn or the buddies playing golf after work or Saturday morning.    



Scorpion Protective Coatings is approaching its 25th year in business.  Several of our team are in double digits of years serviced.   The founders have retired off to their favorite fishing spot and several of the original salesmen have taken to the lake. But many of us are long tenured here at HQ!   


Myself, I am approaching 8 years.  I started out with a focus on the local community and marketing efforts.  We discovered that I could sell and with some communication capabilities, I quickly began doing training for new applicators.  I did not realize how much I enjoyed going into a state of the art manufacturing facility and teaching their crew how to incorporate Scorpion’s XO2 into their assembly line.  


These calls were extremely interesting.   


Ambulances Manufacturers

Fire Truck Manufacturers

Trailer Manufacturers

Street Sweeper Manufacturers

Service Trucks  Manufacturers

Snowmobile Trailers  Manufacturers

Truck Cabinets Manufacturers

Amish Buggies Manufacturers

RV Manufacturers


You can count on these training trips to be interesting and entertaining.  The engineering that is taking place in these facilities is second to none.  And….they are GREAT HOST!  I was always greeted with hospitality and felt welcome.  


Even though I was there to throw a wrench in their daily operations, I always felt welcome.  Incorporating a protective coating into their assemble process adds new steps and procedures.  


What gets me excited?  THIS!!  I can’t tell you how enjoyable this is.  Most people enjoy a change of scenery once in a while, and this was for sure a welcome change for me.  Breaking up the day to day grind with a training trip was great for me.  


When you are enjoying what you are doing, it really isn’t work.  For those of us that are fortunate to get extreme enjoyment out of what you do to earn a paycheck, we are the lucky ones. 


What about when I am at the office.  SEO….Web development, blog posts… maintenance…..  design studio……

Any of these things can be found in my daily job description.  I get to wear many hats.  But what else makes time go by?  We are a close bunch that truly enjoy each other.  Fantasy football, friendly wagers ( the owner got his legs waxed when he lost a bet to yours truly), pitch-in lunches, and golf outings.  Hell, we even took a break to go fishing on National Fishing Day in the pond on property.  Oh yeah…..WE CELEBRATE BACON DAY!!!!


WE HAVE FUN!  That is a priority for our small, close knit team.  Make what you are doing enjoyable and it seems less like work!