Cabin fever was redefined for most Americans this past year. However, if you live in California, you have no clue what I’m talking about, and you’re better for it. It’s just that for folks in Indiana and other states nearby, “Old Man Winter” turned into a real SOB. In fact, throughout the past several months, he personally punched me in the face with a fist full of frostbite every time I took a step outside.

After what felt like an eternity of harsh wind, blistering cold temperatures, and an endless supply of ice and snow piling up in our streets, driveways, and truck beds, I am finally allowed to go outside without a jacket, ski mask, multiple pairs of gloves (“Extra gloves? You’ve had extra gloves this whole time???”) long underwear, and- well, you get the picture.

Now, I’m strolling down sidewalks on sunny afternoons, waltzing through the park with my kids, loading up the truck and taking the family swimming and fishing on weekends without a care in the world. I’m going out for ice cream and mowing my lawn one too many days of the week. I am drunk on summer and it hasn’t even begun.

Speaking of trucks.

I guess this blog is my opportunity to let people know just how bad this winter was so that I can brag about just how good my Scorpion bedliner held up through the agonizing, butt-wrenching temperatures.

My 2014 F150 may not have started every day this winter (yes, it was really that cold), but the condition of my X02 bedliner remained uncompromised and perfectly intact, just as it has year after year. You see, some truck bedliners can’t handle much when it comes to variations in temperature – too hot, too cold, too often can cause drop-in bedliners to crack and warp and bend beyond repair. Many truck owners are probably learning this cold hard fact right about now.

When it comes to Scorpion, the only thing you really have to worry about when it comes to cold temperatures, is the application of X02 – the colder it is, the longer it takes for the application to harden and cure. This is what X02 Accelerator is for… it’s an additive that helps speed up the curing time in the absence of heat.

If you’re one of our dealers, perhaps you learned the hard way and didn’t order enough Accelerator to last you through the winter… or maybe you bought a dozen space heaters for your shop to help speed things along. Though you may still need to use space heaters next year to keep your applicators warm, you won’t need to rely on them to help speed up your applications. Just buy a few extra bottles of X02 Accelerator and you’ll be able to cut down on application time.

Yeah, I know it’s almost summer so why am I talking about cold weather right now? Forgive me, I guess my brain is still in the process of thawing out. But take my word for it, X02 accelerator will come in handy any time of year – so stock up on it now before you forget.

Scorpion is easy to apply, comes in a variety of colors, grip options, as well as textures – you can put it on nearly any surface. We’ve had guys apply it on their work boots! This stuff is incredible. Oh, and it’s extremely easy to clean–no matter where you decide to apply it, all you need to do is hose it down!

If you want to protect your truck bed and make it look awesome all at the same time, get your hands on Scorpion’s DIY kit or give us a call today at 800.483.9087 to learn more about our products and find a dealer near you!