When driving, visibility is a matter of life and death.  A clear windshield is, therefore, not an option and falls among the most crucial requirements. Driving during the rainy season comes with a set of challenges, among them, compromised visibility. As a rule, you should not drive if you cannot see clearly.

The hydrophobic coating is a great way to keep safe on the road by ensuring clear windshields. Wipers are the old common way to keep the windshields clear in a rainy season. However, the introduction of hydrophobic coating makes driving more comfortable. With the car in motion, raindrops, dust and dirt accumulation will seamlessly slide off the window leaving it clear for the driver. The windshield is also free from dust and dirt accumulation as they slip off when the car moves. Using Nano-technology, superhydrophobic coatings are made to last and protect the windshield.

Unlike wiper rubbers that wear off fast and need replacements often, this coating serves you for a while making it economical. A good hydrophobic layer gives 2- 5 years of service providing superior water cleaning capabilities. The super glossy finish keeps off dust and other particles making your car easy to clean. Scorpion protects, one of the best Non-solvent has the best Top Coat with a super glossy finish that water will never stick on. Due to its nature, a hydrophobic coating creates a scratch resistant surface. This keeps the windshields from possible scratches by many elements. Continuous scratches on the windshield make it almost impossible for the driver to see leading to a windshield replacement.

 The coating is cost effective as it prevents the scratching and ensures clarity when driving. Stubborn salt spray stains the windshield and compromises the visibility after a while. Scorpion Protect “Top Coat” that is very similar to base coat protects the windshields from staining maintaining the glossy look. There are enough things to worry about while on the road, with a hydrophobic coating, clear windshields should not be one of them. You can now drive easy with the sheet as you do not have to use the wipers which can be distracting as well. Whether you are planning for a road trip or going about your day to day business, road safety is essential. Hydrophobic coatings reduce the need for wiper blades and increase optical clarity during hazardous driving conditions.