Why Choose a Spray-On Bed Liner for Your Truck? 

Why Choose a Spray-On Bed Liner for Your Truck?

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Why Spray-On Bed Liners?

Are you interested in purchasing a truck bed liner, but aren’t sure which of the many liner options to choose from? Well, Scorpion Coatings is here to help!

The first thing to know is that there are two distinct types of truck bed liners. You’ve got your “drop-in” liners which can be taken in and out of your truck bed, and you’ve also got your “spray-on” liners that adhere directly to the metal of your truck. You might indeed find low-cost drop-in liners and be drawn in by the convenience. However, if you’re looking for something long-lasting and durable that will save you heaps of money in the long run, then here are some reasons why spray-on options are your best bet!

An Airtight Bond that Prevents Corrosion

While you may think installing any liner in your truck bed will help prevent corrosion, drop-in liners can often be counterproductive and actually speed along the rusting process. With a drop-in liner, it’s common for debris and moisture to get trapped in between the metal bed and the liner, and this exposure to water can further the potential for scratches in the metal leading to corrosion. The plastic of your liner can also cause scratches to your truck if not installed properly. A spray-on lining option on the other hand adheres seamlessly to the metal of your truck bed. With a spray-on liner, you get an airtight bond preventing debris and moisture from corroding your vehicle’s metal.

True to Your Truck’s Form and Aesthetics

Let’s face it, you want to keep your truck looking as aesthetically pleasing as possible. With a drop-in liner, you’ll be adding additional materials to your truck’s bed which can often look clunky and detract from the overall sleekness of your truck. With a spray-on liner, however, you will be staying true to the original form of your truck, and the seamless adhesion won’t detract from your truck’s overall aesthetics. If you’re looking to switch things up a bit you can even enhance the style of your truck’s bed by choosing different colors or tints for your lining.

Low-Maintenance and Easily Reparable

If you invest in a proper spray-on liner, one that uses high-quality polyurethanes, it’s unlikely that you’ll be having to do touch-ups anytime soon. However, one of the huge benefits of a spray-on liner is that maintenance is simple. Unlike a drop-in liner where you have to toss the whole thing out and replace it, abrasions in the spray-on liner just need a touch-up and are good to go.

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When it comes to

 truck bed liners, spray-on options are clearly the way to go. At Scorpion Coatings we have our Scorpion XO2 Coatings Kits available as well as professional installers across the country equipped with the highest quality polyurethane coatings. Learn more about our top-quality DIY spray-on liners or find a Scorpion Truck Bed Liner location near you.