What is a Truck Bed Liner?


When thinking about a truck bed liner, many people think of protection.  That is the main purpose of a truck bed liner, but there are other reasons and benefits.

It works for you!

Having a layer of protection in your truck bed is reassuring.  If you are in the field, the last thing you need to worry about is if the work you are doing is going to damage your truck bed.  Confidence in performance give the owner piece of mind.  This applies if you are the owner or the manager of a fleet.  Imagine the salesman when you attempt to trade in your truck and the truck bed is beat to hell.

Keep it looking good!

The vast majority of truck bed liners are black in color.  Why not? It looks!! Did you know that truck bed liner can be customized to a variety of looks and colors?

  • Color Options
  • Color Matched
  • Metal Flake
  • Non-Skid Additives


Color Options

Scorpion’s truck bed coatings come in 14 color options.  We offer a lifetime warranty against fading and will offer top of the line UV stability.

Color Matched

Scorpion’s XO2 bed liner system is the most versatile bed liner on the market.  Color matching the bed liner the existing paint code is growing in popularity.  Many newer vehicle have a subtle layer of protective coating along the rocker panels.  Sometimes it is so subtle that it is hard to notice because of the color match.

Metal Flake

Using a Metal Flake top coating over the freshly sprayed truck bed coating is a unique way to spice up your bed liner.  Many color options are available and is very popular on show trucks as an accent color.


Rubber Crumb, Gripper, or Resign Sand are all options for truck bed non-skid coatings.  Including a non-skid additive can be done simply.  If you are worried about traction or footing in the bed of your truck, this is the way to go.


Scorpion’s XO2 is the most versatile bed liner on the market.  You have numerous option in look and you will receive top performance.  Find a dealer near you.