What is on my mind today you ask?

Since I work for a truck bed liner and window film company, you might think I would be  considering coatings and UV stability.


I am not!  


In the world we live in with a pandemic nearly behind us and trying as US citizens to get back to normal, we seem to be sputtering.  As a bed liner company, much chemistry and science go into formulation of the perfect truck bed coating.  Polyurea is a key ingredient in this recipe.  But getting your hands on polyurea right now is harder than getting your hands on a supermodel!  


This is one of the major issues affecting Team Scorpion right now.  But talking with people in other industries, it is clear that most industries are struggling with some aspect of their supply chain.  Each of these sectors are dealing with some sort of problem that is almost guaranteed to be a part of their supply chain.  How would you to be Ford Motor Corporation right now? 10,000 thousand + F150 are sitting at Kentucky Speedway waiting for a microchip that is what is needed to complete the truck.  If passing down Interstate 71 near Sparta Kentucky you will see what looks like the largest gathering of truck in history.   It may be the largest gathering, but it is not for a good reason.   Recently I was speaking with the owner of local dealership owner.  On that day he had 1 new truck on his lot and no projected date when more would arrive.  

If you are sitting in my chair, that is kind of a scare circumstance.  Remember, we are a truck bed liner company and we want new trucks hitting the road all the time.  New trucks hit the road, and new truck owners want to add accessories.   One of the best accessories to add to a new truck is a truck bed liner.  See the trickle effect here?  These type of stories are beginning to emerge from many industries.  My next door neighbor and very close friend is in the HVAC business.  (This is the most scary of all to me….I LOVE MY AIR CONDITIONER)!  Like many others, they are experiencing shortages in from their supply chain.

I think it is important to remember that we are all in this together.  No need to horde toilet paper like the early days on COVID.  ( I still don’t understand why people did this).

We will come through better than ever!  Until then, lets do everything we can between now and then to keep the water clear!