What is Important to our Canadian Partners

Versatility is King to our Canadian Customers

There are literally thousands of different types of coatings on the market ranging from simple latex paint to very complex coatings for bio
medical products. The vast majority of all of these coatings is that they were designed for a certain type of application and for the most part they still serve a single function. In other words you can’t use latex paint on a bulldozer as it just isn’t made for that type of abuse.

Scorpion XO2 is a coating that was designed as a truck bedliner coating
30 years ago and after a very short while it was being used in many
different types of applications. It has been used on trucks, cars,
motorbikes, boats, building foundations, wood decks, musical
instruments, guns, fridges, RV’s, floors, walls, roofs and anywhere else
a tough, attractive protective coating is needed.

Commercial Solutions

Plus the fact that you can tint it to any color and it’s UV stable makes
it even more accepted as an all purpose coating. on top of all this it
is easy to apply by brush, roller or spray gun.

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