Waterless Carwash

Scorpion’s CMX family of products is complete with the latest in ceramic and nano technology.  From protection for the paint to hydrophobic coating for the windshield, the CMX line has it all.  CMX Renu is an important piece to the family.  Renu can be used as a ceramic coating maintenance spray or as a waterless car wash and detail product.

Ceramic Coating Maintenance Spray

Cleans, seals and protects all in one!

CMX Renu is a blend of soap, surfactants, wetting agents, and SIO2 coating science.

Renu breaks down dirt on contact, seals the surface to create a high gloss finish.


  • Cleans, seals, and protects all in one
  • Body shop safe
  • Use on ceramic and non-ceramic coated vehicles
  • Spray on/ gently rub in / wipe off
  • Cuts dirt, dust, and grime
  • Streak-free / safe on all solid surfaces