This is an Open Declaration of War

Scorpion is tired of seeing hard-working people out there getting taken advantage of by large companies and their smoke-and-mirror marketing campaigns.
Scorpion is waging this war on two fronts – truck bed liners and window film.

List of Grievances – Bed Liners:

There is a lot of dishonesty out there in reference to the bed liner market. Entrepreneurs and business owners are getting duped into buying large spray systems that they never have a chance of breaking even on. People are lied to about the health and safety of their products and even about how the products themselves perform over their lifetime.

Many companies try to either sell franchises at absurd rates in hopes of locking people into long term contracts or sell “cartridge” systems to everyone in town – flooding a local market and hurting everyone involved.

Scorpion says enough to all of these practices. It is time to hold everyone to a higher standard. Scorpion is the only company that manufactures and sells EVERY spray-on bed liner product. We do not need gimmicks or franchise fees to stay in business – and, as a family owned business, we understand that helping you succeed on a local level is not simply just selling you product, but providing you service.

Scorpion sells professional bed liner systems starting from as low as $199. We offer marketing and business development services for our “dealers’ and strive to provide the best possible customer service humanly possible. We are honest about all of our products and what you should expect from them. We are honest because we can be – we have nothing to hide.

List of Grievances – Window Film:

There is a virus spreading throughout the window film industry and apparently it has caused all of the manufacturers to decrease their customer service while increasing their prices. Scorpion vows to not let this virus turn into a plague that takes your shop down.

Scorpion focuses on selling the highest quality product at the lowest possible price. More importantly, we focus in on what our clients need – not some high-end product that we are trying to them.

Another area that seems to have been forgotten in the industry is how to help the customers improve their businesses and assist them in marketing. Most of our competitors think that sending you a banner is the pinnacle of marketing support – that is like saying that the napkin is the best part of having dinner.

Scorpion refuses to accept these terms – and has declared war. Scorpion has grown by over 200% over the last 3 years and we have no intention of slowing down.

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