Concrete Epoxy Floor Paint

Concrete epoxy coating is one of the most durable and toughest finishes that can be applied on concrete floors. An epoxy coat upgrades the otherwise bland appearance of your concrete floor besides protecting it from the elements. Epoxy coating is suitable for use in both commercial and residential premises. Whichever the application, you are guaranteed that the appearance of your concrete floor will improve.

The epoxy coating not only upgrades the appearance of your rooms but also enables the existing concrete floor to stand up to heavy foot traffic. Most concrete epoxy coating materials last for decades and therefore, you do not need to worry about applying a new coat regularly. Besides this, epoxy flooring is cheaper than most coating options such as garage floor coatings. Installation is also relatively simple since you only need to place the coating over the existing concrete.


Installing Concrete Epoxy Coating

To apply epoxy coating for concrete floors, you must first clear all objects from the floor. Tiny dirt particles ought to be removed using a leaf blower. Any damage on your concrete floor must be repaired to ensure that the coating is uniform. Thereafter, mix your preferred epoxy materials before applying the mixture to the floor using a 2-inch brush. Start with trim areas first before coating other areas of the floor.


It is not advisable to coat your concrete floor on windy days since twigs, dust and other contaminants will be blown to the coated floor. Depending on the humidity and temperature, an epoxy concrete finish only takes a few hours to dry. However, you should leave freshly-coated floors to dry overnight before stepping on them. Additional time is needed for epoxy floors to fully cure. This takes between 3 to 7 days depending on the protective coating material used.

How to Maintain an Epoxy-Coated Floor


Certain maintenance practices help your epoxy-coated floor to maintain appearance for years without fading. Minor spills ought to be wiped off using a damp piece of cloth to prevent staining. Routine cleaning should also be done to prevent the buildup of those unsightly stains.


Heavy cleaning should be done when the epoxy concrete finish gets heavily soiled. This ought to be done using clean ammonia and hot water. Avoid using cleaning agents such as vinegar and citrus cleaners since they are acidic and lead to corrosion. Soap-based cleaning agents should also be avoided since they leave residues besides making the floor slippery.

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