Updates from Canada

By now everyone knows that the XO2 formulation has updated due to a chemical shortage in the “A” component. People have been asking what should they expect when they go to use the product. Besides a shorter mix time and pot life there should be very little that anyone will notice.

In fact a lot of applicators that have tried the new formula
have been saying that they are pleasantly surprised by how well the new formula performs.

New instructions have been placed into each kit but who reads the

So here are the new mixing instructions which are quite important.

1. Empty contents of components B, C and tint into container marked
component A.

2. Thoroughly mix the contents until all of the white is gone and color
is uniform (30 seconds max).

Make sure you vigorously shake the B component before pouring it in.

The important part is “DO NOT MIX LONGER THAN 30 SECONDS”. If you do mix
longer than 30 seconds the product will thicken up and be more difficult
to spray and the pot life will be even shorter.


You can download the XO2 Shop Manual Here.