Ultimate Truck Protection

Get your Truck On


Rough and tumble!  Ready to roll!  That is what a truck is for.  It works!  Let Scorpion Truck Bed Liners help it work!


Scorpion has been around as a family owned business for 25 years.  We have been protecting trucks since then and WE LOVE TRUCKS.  It is what we do.  


We offer many ways to protect trucks.  Truck bed liners are the first way to protect a truck.  What is a truck for?  It works! Abuse and beatings are a typical day for the work truck.  Landscapers, construction, utilities…. All need trucks ready to work that can take the day to day wear.  If a truck bed is not protected, major corrosion points will shortly begin in the bed of the truck  


A bed liner is not the only truck protection we offer.   We have paint protection film and window tint.  While these are not the same form of protection, they are still protection and should be considered for those who’s truck is a vital piece of how the earn a living.  Both PPF and Window Film offer simple ways to keep the truck looking new and free from the scars of everyday abuse.  


Let’s start with paint protection film or PPF.  What is PPF?  Paint protection film is an ultra clear very thin film over the the high abuse areas of vehicles to protect the paint.  Common areas are the front grill area, front bumpers, and hood.  These are areas that are prone to rock chips from the daily grind going down the road.  Nothing like a fresh rock chip in the center of the hood on your brand new 75K truck.  Years ago, it happened to me on the maiden voyage of my first Jeep Wrangler.  BAM!!! I cried at the dealership after it happened and they felt so bad for me that they ended up fixing it for free!  Also, that day was the first time I had ever heard of paint protection film.  And once the paint had dried for the appropriate time, the dealership installed PPF on the lower portion of my hood of my beloved Jeep Wrangler.

Paint protection film when installed by a professional will be nearly invisible.  Not only does this film protect the painted surface, it is also self- healing.  That means that if a rock or road debris hit the hits, the mark will heal itself and return to an invisible state.  

Don’t forget about Window Film.


  • Lots of protection comes from window film.  
  • Privacy
  • UV Barrier
  • Shatter Resistant
  • Theft Deterrent


These are all things that are much harder to put an exact measure of how effective they are (except for shatter resistance).  Who doesn’t like privacy?  The feeling of being watched is not a good one.  Window tint affords privacy and blocks prying eyes.  


Scorpion Window Film blocks up to 99% of harmful UV rays.  Do I really need to say more?  


Scorpion is here for you to protect!  If you need a dealer, use our locator.  Maybe our products can help you make money!  Talk with one of sale staff at (800) 483-9087