Tuff Box Liners

As our friends in Canada say, we want a tuff box liner.  Love how our friends up north refer to a truck bed as a box.  Just one of the many nuances they bring when we have the opportunity to get together.  Thanks to COVID, it seems like it has been forever. To say that Scorpion USA misses our friends and partners from Scorpion Canada would be an understatement.  Unfortunately, because of  COVID, travel restrictions, and group gatherings being banned, it has been since the 2019 SEMA Show since we last saw them.

The Outlook

Well, unless this new strand of delta covid derails us, it looks as though the next opportunity to get together will be the 2021 SEMA Show.  It is always good to catch up with the crew from PowerCOAT Canada and Scorpion Canada.  Business success is great and I feel that when you have partnerships that mean something, that makes the success that much better.  I know that the PowerCOAT team feels the same way.

Let me get to back to the point….Tuff Box Liners!!

In Canada, much like many parts of the US, a truck bed liner is essential for the day to day operations.  We spend big dollars on trucks and we do this so they can work for us!  Most of us purchase a truck because of the need for a “box” that we put things in, haul things in, and in general…help us with our activities.  Here in the US, we tend to refer to the working piece of the truck as the truck bed.  But, our friends up north lovingly refer to it as the truck box.   I love hearing the Canadian dialect.  It makes for great conversations for me and our friends from North of the border.  I am sure just like my finding their speech dialect interesting, they can say the same about us from South of the border.

Another example:

Here in the US, when we finish a hard days work and want to wash down a cold beer, it always has to been incapsulated in Koozie.  Up north, they call it a Cozy.  Hey, these are just the little things that I get to experience on any day at the office!  I love having our partnership with the crew fromPowerCOAT Canada.

Oh yeah, did I mention that I am excited to see my boys in Vegas? We are under 2.5 months buy hey, who is counting.