Why Truck Owners Are Popular


Trucks Rock!  Who doesn’t love a badass truck?  What’s not to love? They work, they play, and they do both these things HARD!   All the while provide you a safe and comfortable ride with all the latest amenities such as backup cameras, heated lumbar seats and wifi.  It is like have the best of both worlds….a work horse and luxury!  


Having a truck is very advantageous.  It is great when you need to throw something in the truck bed and move it.  You don’t have to worry about folding down seats in the SUV or mini-van and trying to fit it in.  Also, you don’t have to worry about tearing those same seats or damaging them. Throw it in a forget it.     


What is one of the top pastimes and passions for our Country?  Football and other sporting events. The amount of sports that we consume is astronomical.  Getting to a game early so you can  fire up the grill and throw back a cold one or 5 is a rite of passage for people attending game.  Burgers, brats, ribs, hotdogs, and cold beer all consumed while sitting on a very important section of the truck. 

What is that called? ………Tailgating!!


Where do you think the phrase tailgating came from?  People with trucks that would sit on their tailgate before the game and thus the term tailgating was born. Trucks play a major role in the evolution of the greatest pastime in America, all thanks to the awesome part of the truck bed called a tailgate.  




Help Friends Move

Is this good?  You can be the judge.  I would say that being a person who enjoys helping others when I can, yes, it is a good thing.  If you do get suckered into help, at least you know that your time and effort will get you pizza and beer!  And, it is always nice to have an I OWE YOU in your back pocket do cash in at a later date.  No one said you have to carry boxes of book, there is always plenty of pillows and sheet that must be carried.   You just have to plan you boxes according and chose wisely.   If you get stuck with a box of books or dish…..well you should have picked the box a little better.  Can’t blame anyone for that, but the good will points are priceless.  and it is great to pay it forward.


Is this a good thing?  Maybe, maybe not…….



What the Hell is a Mud Flap


Any truck owner will be able to tell you about mud flaps.  I am willing to bet that mini van drivers would look at you like you have an antler growing from your forehead if you asked them about a mudflap.   Mud flaps are an essential accessory to a good off road truck. For such a little piece of rubber, they can sure accomplish a lot. Given their name, yes, they deflect mud.  But, one of the most important things they do is reduce the amount of rocks and solid debris being thrown around. Your truck will appreciate it, but so will the trucks behind you when you gun it!   


                                              Steve McQueen rocking the truck!

Trucks are just ore cool than everyone else


Really, do I need to say anything else on this topic?  Ok, seriously, I know we never see James Bond or Steve McQueen in a truck, but we should have.  I believe their image could have been even more tough if they had jumped into full size chevy or an F-150 to chase the bad guy!   


Bed Liners means something strong


This ain’t your momma’s bed liner.  That’s right, we are not talking about a piece of cloth or plastic that we she covered the bed with.   We are talking about a strong and durable layer of coating that is sprayed in the bed of a truck for protection!  That is right, we are talking about some that can take abuse and keep on smiling. Truck bed liner are made to keep the truck looking good and handle the day to day wear and tear.  They allow you to thrown rock, firewood, landscape pavers, in and not worry about what damage might happen. Summing up a bed liner, it is a piece of mind for a truck owner.   


Without Trucks there would be no Monster Trucks


What do you want to do today Hank?  Why don’t we go crush some cars! Sounds good, lets go!   No trucks, No car crush. I personally am not a car crush or monster truck fanatic.  Sure, I have heard of Bigfoot ( the truck, not the bi-pedal hairy ape that remains unidentified although there are 1000’s of sightings every year).   Bigfoot was amazing when I was eight years old. That phase didn’t last very long for me, but there are millions of people that still poney up big money to go to monster truck events.  


Hey, Let’s Go Off-roading


Getting a lifted truck off the main road feels natural.  It doesn’t need to be some extreme off-road park, it can be a simple trail.  But, it feels natural because that’s what trucks do!  


Easy to give gifts too


It doesn’t take much to make a truck owner happy.  It is the little things that matter! The amount of gifts that are both affordable and easy to find is huge.  And nothing makes a truck owner happier than another accessory for his truck. Inside the truck, outside the truck, under the truck……man there are countless options for the gift giver! 


The Bottom Line


If you have a truck lover in your life, holidays are easy.  Your gifts can be easy to find and they loved will know that it came from the heart!   In today’s world, shopping for gifts has never been easier. Scorpion offers numerous products online through our shop website.  Other products are available online from Amazon. If you are looking for specialty products, many of the automotive parts retailers have an easy order process and all you have to know is the basics of the vehicle; ie, make, model, and year.  This is a fabulous feature for those that lack in “truck IQ”. If you are a rookie in giving gifts for a truck lover, ask! You can simply hint around and not be direct. You can play coy and not let them know that this is a gift for their truck.  You just want to know more about their vehicle. 


If you struggle to get any information, start simple.  How about a Ceramic Maintenance spray? Scorpion offers a full line of ceramic coatings.  The Scorpion CMX Renu is a great gift idea as it is inexpensive and easy to use. It offers a layer of protection for the paint of a vehicle and keeps it looking clean longer.