Sometimes it feels like you forget who you are.  The Team at Scorpion have been busy doing numerous project for our other divisions and seems like we have forgotten what got us started……truck bed liners!   I have neglected posting blogs about truck bed liners for far to long!  

While window film, epoxy and ceramic coatings are very exciting, trucks kick ass and sometimes I have to remind myself of that.   Our coatings are primarily used as a truck bed liner, but some of the other applications get a lot more attention.   As you can see from the pictures below, full exterior sprays on Jeep and other off-road vehicle continue to be very popular.  Jeep Wrangler

The durability that a full exterior spray offers is phenomenal.  Trucks and Jeeps that are regular to the off-road scene can become marred with scratches and nicks that they incur along the trail.  Nothing big, just scratches that are bound to happen when driving on the trail.  Scratches that come from down limbs or hanging branches and other debris encountered along the trail.   

With the ability to customize Scorpion XO2, if considering an exterior spray, you unlimited creative options.  

  • Colors
  • Flake
  • Color Match
  • Textures

Scorpion is a bed liner, but can be so many other things.  Looking at an exterior spray?  Give us a call, let our technical team walk you through the process.  Some of our DIY’ers attach these projects themselves.  Others are 100% going to an authorized dealer.  

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