If you are like many truck owners, your pick-up is an integral part of your life. It does not only give you a luxurious look and feel but also helps in hauling loads to different locations. That’s why you should invest in protective treatments to simultaneously protect it from destructive elements and retain its performance features. One such protective investment you shouldn’t overlook is a truck bed liner. Check out the three main types of pickup truck bed liner options and five reasons to invest in a truck bed liner.

Bedliner Coating

The three main types of bed liners;


Spray-on bed liner

These are permanent bed liners applied directly onto your truck’s bed’s surface. The crack-resistant spray-on bedliners absorb impact thus minimizing possibilities of a dented truck surface. These kinds of truck bed liners also seal out water thus preventing rusting and corrosion which often weaken your truck’s body.

Drop-in bed liners

These are ideal for standard pick up models as they can’t be designed for a custom fit as is the case with spray-on bedliners. While drop-in truck bed liners will cost less, they trap in water causing corrosion and rust.

Carpet liners

Carpet bed liners are made of soft materials and can also be made to fit on any truck size. But compared to spray-on bed liners, carpet bed liners do not absorb impact caused by load being ferried.

5 Reasons to invest in a bed liner

  1. Minimize wear and tear

Leaving your truck’s bed exposed may lead to dings and dents. This is especially likely if you are hauling heavy equipment and load with sharp ends. Bed liners that are made of a polyurethane coating material possess elastic-like properties making them resilient and crack resistant. They thus minimize wear and tear on your truck’s bed.

  1. Improve your truck’s resale value

When you finally decide to sell your truck, its price in the market will be determined by how well, or poorly, maintained the truck is. By investing in a truck bed liner, such as Scorpion Coatings, you will preserve the truck’s curvy interiors and the original surface paint.

  1. Liners seal out water and debris thus protecting your truck’s bed for a lifetime

Regardless of how you use your truck, installing a liner locks out destructive debris and corrosive water. Such kind of protection gives you peace of mind that regardless of the climatic conditions you are working in, your pick up’s bed is protected.

  1. Bed liners secure loads into position

Spray-on bed liners are designed to stick into place. For this, they secure the load into one position making transport easier. The protective liner also minimizes possibilities of scratches on the truck bed since there is no movement of the load.

  1. An aesthetic touch

A visually appealing truck bed can earn you admiration and some load hauling jobs to boot. Spray-on liners are designed with variation of colors so that you can choose a color shade that impresses you most. You can install a spray-on coating to revamp your truck’s appearance in