Truck Bed Liners Don’t Have to be Boring!

Bed Liner Additives


When you have chosen to install Scorpion XO2 as a piece of your business, you are getting the most versatile bed liner available.  You get the option to provide your customers with a durable and color stable bed liner products.  


If I had to choose one word to describe Scorpion’s XO2, it would be versatile! 


You may wonder how a bed liner is comes to be defined as versatile.  I mean after all, it is just a truck bed liner.   Because of our passion for trucks and cars, we do not look at it as just a bed liner.  


  • Colors 

  • Textures

  • Additives 

  • Metal Flake  

  • Color Match


You may be OK with a simple black bed liner, but you don’t have to be.  You have options.  

A black truck bed liner is overwhelming the top selling bed liner application.  But for other that want to add a little style to their truck bed liner come to Scorpion.  


Below, we tell you a bit more about each of these ways to customize your bed liner…..give it style…..make it personal……make it YOURS.


Scorpion offers 14 standard colors.  Some people like contrast in the vehicle.  A colored bed liner is a great way to achieve this contrast.  Maybe you are a loyal sports fan and want your truck to represent the colors of the school or team. No problem.  Color combinations can complete transform the look of truck.  


Bed liners are most commonly known for a tight texture that resembles a sandy look.  Most people find this look to be visually pleasing and acceptable in a truck bed.  Other people may want an additional texture in their truck bed.   For this we use a rubber crumb additive to increase the non-slip factor.  


(EXAMPLE: Scorpion was contacted recently by a small business owner that has a canoe and rafting service.  They have trucks that pick up their patrons at the end of the trip and return them to their vehicle.  What do all these patrons have in common…..they are all wet and many will be barefoot.  Offering them a non-slip surface increases their safety.)



The rubber crumb I mentioned above is one, but we have several others for consideration.  We offer an extreme non-skid called gripper granule.  This is something that you do not want to fall down on as you will lose skin.  

We also have an agent for flattening the gloss appearance.  A by-product of this is that it makes the coating harder.  This product is called Vinyl Flattener.  

Metal Flake

Want to make a bed liner stand out in a crowd?  Scorpion Truck Bed Liners can be finished with a metal flake additive.  Our application method allows the flake to be top-coated but is part of the bed liner material.  



Color Match

You may have noticed on newer vehicles that there is a strip on the rocker panels that is there on purpose.  It is there to prevent rock chips and road debris damage.  It is subtle, so subtle that you may not even notice.  It is a bed liner material that is painted to match paint of the car or truck.  This same concept can be applied to a truck bed liner.  We are seeing more and more consumers that like this look and want to pursue a color matched truck bed liner.  When color matching a truck bed liner we

use automotive pigment that matches the paint code.  More details are available HERE for more information.


The Bottom Line

A truck bed liner is installed for protection.  Our position is that it does not have to be the same old boring liner.  Customization is critical in the automotive enthusiast space.  Consumers should know that their bed liner can have some spice and Scorpion’s XO2 is the perfect ingredient to add that spice.    If you need help finding an installer, give us a call at (800) 483 9087.