If you run an automotive-related business, such as an auto body shop, you might be looking for ways to expand your services and fatten your bottom line.  Add-on businesses help give you the opportunity to boost stale sales. They can also help you reach a broader range of customers.

What kind of add-on services should you offer? Truck bed liners are a great add-on service for many reasons. With the economy now on the upswing, truck sales have show significant increase, which provides a solid market for truck bed liners. According to Truck Trend Network, truck sales were much higher than in February of 2016. With more trucks on the road, owners are spending more on add-on services and accessories. According to the Detroit News, 56 percent of customers that purchase Super Duty Ford trucks opt to accessorize their trucks.

You may be wondering what businesses can benefit from selling truck bed liners. A truck bed liner is a great add-on service for a number of auto-related businesses, including:

Auto service centers

Body shops

Auto accessories shops

Auto glass repair shops

Tire stores

Muffler shops

Towing services

New car dealers

Used car dealers

Tint shops

So, what are the benefits of truck bed liners for your customers? Here are just a few of the benefits that truck bed liners offer:

Protect Against Abuse

If your customers use their trucks for work purposes, the truck likely undergoes a lot of abuse. A truck bed liner can help protect the truck from scratches and scrapes. It also protects the truck bed from rust and corrosion due to exposure to the elements.

Enhances Truck Appearance

Many customers want to jazz up the look of their trucks. Bed liners are a great way to do that. Many bed liners come in a variety of colors and textures. If a customer wants a tough-as-nails, rugged look, a bed liner is the way to go.

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