Why the TRUCK? 

Because you can!  It is rugged.  It works. It is ever-ready for the next task.  You don’t buy a truck for its fuel mileage.  You don’t buy a truck to look pretty.  You damn sure don’t buy a truck to replace the family station wagon.


You buy a truck to WORK!






Work some more!

So now that we know your truck is there to work, how are you going to protect the surface that does the most the work?  Starting with a Scorpion Truck bed Liner is the way to go!  Get that bed protected.  Get it done and get it done right.

From the early days of simple roll on truck bed liner, we have come a long way.  Today we can offer a multitude of ways to customize your truck bed liner to your personal style.  With advanced UV inhibitors, gone are the days of having your truck bed liner look like a school house chalk board in less than a year.  (At least for some companies)!  Color stability, durability, and the overall appearance have all been improved over the years.  It is not uncommon to see a Scorpion Truck Bed Liner that has been in the field for 10+ years that is still black.

This is why we are comfortable offering a Life-time warranty!


That  is the Scorpion way!

Contact a Scorpion Dealer to get your truck protected.


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