What is a Bed Liner System

You have a TRUCK, you want to protect the bed, what do you do?  For many people this is a simple question…go to the automotive store and buy a DIY bed liner kit.  For other, it is not that simple!  They may not be inclined, might not have the equipment, or be motivated to apply their own.  This is where the different bed liner systems come into play.

  • Batch Mix

  • High Pressure Pumps

  • Cartridge

For Scorpion, all of these systems are in play.  Scorpion Protective Coatings is unique in that we offer all 3 bed liner application. 20+ years ago, Scorpion got its start with XO2 which is batch mix bed liner system.  This has been our staple product since the begin.  We have found uses for this product in hundreds of industries…Fire Trucks, ambulance, trailers, military, oil fields, and containment to name a few.  As we have grown in the industry, the demand was there for the other alternative systems like the cartridge and high-pressure system.  Below we are going to discuss all three truck bed liner options and their pros and cons!


Batch Mix

Scorpion XO2

Scorpion’s XO2 offers unmatched versatility. XO2 had been the staple product for Scorpion since the 1996.  Custom colors, aggregates for non-slip, texture variations are a breeze with XO2.  It also offers unmatched ability to stay color fast.  Scorpion’s XO2 is easy to startup and has minimal equipment requirements and unchallenged for UV stability.  The biggest challenge with XO2 is the dry time.  This material is take free in 45 minutes and is recommended for limited duty in a truck bed for 48-72 hours.  Those numbers can be deceiving because we can speed up this process with simple additives.  The cure process is also effected by the weather and humidity.


Scorpion ASC6-7000

High Pressure Pumps System

The number 1 advantage with this system is going to be dry time.  When applying the typical high pressure polyurea material, your substrate will be dry in approx. 6 seconds.  This is a great advantage if you are a shop limited on floor space and must get projects in and out.  The down side of this system is startup cost and maintenance.   The pump used for this system carries a price tag……. cost will range from $15k up to $40k depending on the unit and its capabilities.  This unit does require daily upkeep and failure to follow recommendations can set you back $$$$$.


Cartridge System

The cartridge system is the mystery of the industry.  They do carry some advantages, but in my opinion, the bad outweighs the good.  First, the application gun is BULKY!!!  The best comparison I have for you is carrying a 3-year child around while trying to see and aim at precise angles.  The 2nd problem I have with the cartridge system is the polyurea itself.  This is a material that was designed to be applied at 150 degrees and at 1800 psi.  Now we are taking the same material and applying it at room temperature and 100 psi.  Notice the difference?  Needless to say, it can be a fickle product.   Not to continue to beat up on the cartridge, it does offer a quick set reaction.  Like the high-pressure unit, you will typically see dry times in just a few seconds.


Now that you know the different spray on truck bed liners and systems, you need to look at your shop and your budget.  Chances are that if you own or work in a body shop or collision center, you are getting asked about truck bed liners.  If you are not offering them, that is money walking right out your door and into someone else’s. Scorpion is your one stop shop for truck bed liner options.  Offering the full range of application systems, give a call today and let figure out which system is right for you. (800) 483-9087