DIY Truck Bed Liner Spray Overview

1. Surface preparation is a very important part of applying spray-in liner to a truck bed. Properly preparing the surface ensures that the coating will last longer and provide more durable protection.

    1. a. To prepare the truck bed surface, tape off the area to be sprayed. ¾-inch painter’s tape is recommended.


    b. Be sure to cover surfaces adjacent to the spray area with tape or plastic to protect from over-spraying.

2. To prepare painted surfaces for spraying:

    1. a. Scuff the entire area to be coated, making sure to get all corners, grooves, and notches. Using a sanding abrasive with a minimum of 180 grit is recommended.


    1. b. Clean the surface to be sprayed with a fast-drying pre-paint cleaner, making sure not to leave any residue behind.


    c. Apply a thin mist of Adhesion Promoter to the surface to be sprayed. Allow Adhesion Promoter to tack for 10-15 minutes before applying spray-in liner.

3. When spraying bare metal:

    1. a. Clean the surface thoroughly to remove all preservatives and debris.


    1. b. Apply a self-etching primer that is rated for use on bare metal. This will help ensure proper adhesion and prevent rusting.


    c. Apply a thin mist of Adhesion Promoter to the surface to be sprayed. Allow Adhesion Promoter to tack for 10-15 minutes before applying spray-in liner.

4. When spraying wood:

    1. a. Clean the area to be sprayed to remove all dust and other residues.


    b. Wood surfaces don’t require the use of Adhesion Promoter.

5. To prepare Al’s Liner (Scorpion Coating’s brand of spray-in liner) for application:

    1. a. Shake Component B vigorously to prepare it for mixing.


    1. b. Mix Components B, C, and Tint into the Component A container.


    1. c. Mix the combined contents thoroughly with the included low viscosity mixing paddle until the color is uniform and the white has disappeared.


i. If creating a custom color, use 8 ounces of high-grade automotive base pigments per gallon of Al’s Liner.
ii. Allow coating to cure for 24-78 hours for accurate color display. Do not mix paints containing binders or thinners with Al’s Liner.

6. The best way to apply Al’s Liner is to use Al’s Spray Gun. If you do not have the right facilities or equipment for spray application, a brush and roller kit can be used instead.

    1. a. To allow users to control air pressure, installing a shut-off valve or regulator is recommended.


    1. b. Before putting the lining in the hopper, you can coat the spray gun’s metal feed with LMR (Lecithin Mold Release).


7. To use the spray gun:

    1. a. Connect the spray gun to an air compressor. The compressor should be able to maintain 35 PSI at 7 CFM.


    1.                   i. Different textures can be achieved by adjusting the air pressure and trigger pull.


    1. b. Pour only a small amount of Al’s Liner into the gun to start.


    1. c. Maintain a distance of 18” from the surface you are spraying. Keep spray gun at a right angle from the spray area as best as possible, and apply from multiple directions and angles to avoid light spots and shadows.


    1. d. Spray the entire area to be coated, then use remaining materials to build up high abuse areas such as floors, tailgates, and wheel wells.


    1. e. Remove tape and other covering immediately after spraying.


    1.                   i. If you used LMR, turn the gun upside down on the hopper after spraying to allow the excess liner to drain from the gun. Let the gun sit for 2-8 hours, then remove the hardened liner.


ii. If you didn’t use LMR, the spray gun can be cleaned immediately with any standard solvent.

    f. Allow spraying on bedliner to cure for 24 hours after light-duty use, and 72 hours after heavier use.

8. If using the brush and roller:

    1. a. Mix smaller batches of the liner at a time to ensure a consistent coat.


    1. b. Use 3” brush to coat corners and other hard-to-reach areas. Use the roller to go back over brushed areas to even out the texture.


    1. c. Coat the side and back walls with a 4” roller.


    1. d. Continue applying new coats of spray-on bed liner until the desired thickness is achieved.


                      i. Allow spraying on bed liner to dry for 2-4 hours before applying an additional coat.
    e.   Remove tape and other coverings immediately after the final coat of DIY spray-on bed liner has been applied.


Truck Bed Liner Spray-in DIY Overview

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