A Solid Look at Scorpion’s XO2 Line of Products

When your clients work as hard as you do, they demand quality work to keep them going. Protecting the vehicles they use keeps them in the field and on the job. But when there is a wide range of spray-in protective materials available on the market, sometimes making the choice a difficult one. Here’s a quick look at our quality line of XO2 products that will deliver strong performance for years to come.

A Solid Look at Scorpion’s XO2 Line of Products

XO2 Truck Bed Liner and Industrial Coating

When you need a bed liner that’s easy for your shop to apply while delivering tough performance and UV resistance, our 3-component batch-mixed polyurethane-based system delivers.

Colors and Tints

Available in 12 standard colors, our coating can also be colored or tinted with commonly-available automotive tints for the perfect shade from your local paint shop.

Prime Bond Cleaner

Got a dirty job? Our Prime Bond Cleaner is a pre-paint cleaner to get your project ready before applying XO2 or our 8001 Adhesion Promoter. Comes with a mist sprayer and is available in quart and gallon sizes.

8001 Adhesion Promoter

Need to really make that coating stick? Our 8001 Adhesion Promoter improves adhesion of XO2 to a range of surfaces. Available by the quart or gallon, every quart includes two mist sprayers and will cover about 8 trucks.

DTM Etching Primer

Dealing with specific bare metals and steel? The DTM Etching Primer is a 2-component option to improve adhesion. It’s available in A/B matching quart sizes and is mixed in a 1:1 ratio.

Al’s Liner LMR

When you want to avoid a drawn-out cleanup, this mold release can be used for non-stick applications or to coat the inside of your spray gun and hopper, making cleanup a breeze.

It’s available in a 12 oz. can.

Rubber Crumb

Need traction? Our Rubber Crumb additive is an earth-friendly option, created from ground recycled rubber. It helps extend coverage, improve surface grip and is available in six common colors to match your project. It’s mixed up to 80 oz. of Rubber Crumb to 5 quarts of XO2 mix.

Gripper Granules

When you need serious grip, our Gripper Granules deliver. Created from hard coal slag, it’s added to your XO2 mix. Available in 5-gallon containers, it’s an ideal option for loading ramps, step bumpers, wet areas and similar areas where traction is a concern.

Vinyl Flattener

When you need a hard, matte surface, our Vinyl Flattener is a great option to consider. As a powder additive, it’s available in 1- and 5-gallon quantities and removes shine while increasing hardness in XO2.

XO2 Accelerator

When you need to turn a project around quickly, our Accelerator will decrease your XO2 pot life by up to 50%. This allows it to work well in cold weather or by experienced applicators.

Metal Flake

When appearance is as important as performance, our Metal Flake provides that extra sparkle to the topcoat of your XO2 application. It’s available in several colors.

Protecting a truck bed with a spray-in liner helps your customers more work out of their vehicle while protecting their investment. But when your customers demand a tough, reliable spray-in liner that will provide years of durable service and rust protection, Scorpion’s XO2 line is the only way to go. If you’re ready to deliver a quality spray-in liner for your customers, we have you covered. Please feel free to contact us today with any questions, for further information or to get started with our high-quality line of spray-in protective coating options.