Truck and Car Accessories

The Essential Truck Accessories


Truck accessories are a billion dollar business.  Our love affair with trucks and cars is strong and passionate.  It can be seen on display on any given weekend with the local car club or car show or Jeep Club.  Passion for the vehicle is as strong as it for the local sports team.  Maybe more so for the extreme enthusiast.  In most communities that have any population center at all, you will find detail shops, audio shops, window film shops, and numerous other car related shops or garages.   


In America, we spend money to accessorize our vehicles.  The new ride usually just isn’t enough.  Once it is in our possession, there is a need to make it our own.  


You gotta add your own personal style and touches to it.   WHY??


Oh man, we love our truck, cars, jeeps!   It is not by mistake that the second largest trade show in the world is for Cars.   Ever been to Vegas during the SEMA Show?  If so, it is probably pretty obvious that the “gear-heads” are in town!   


All the things out the for the truck enthusiast to consider, here is our list of the most important upgrades, accessories, or add-ons for the new truck owner.  



A truck bed liner


Hey, we are a truck bed liner company……of course it is important.  Seriously, can you blame for not mentioning a truck bed liner first?  I don’t care if you use Scorpion or one of the other brands, but really, if you bought a truck, it is going to do some work.   Why wouldn’t you spend a few more hundred dollars and protect the bed where all that work will take place.  The abuse that a Scorpion Truck Bed Liner can take and just keep smiling.  With nearly 25 years in the industry, there are hundreds of thousands of truck across North America that have their bed protected with Scorpion.  


Tires and wheels

……Yeah, they look nice



Truck bed Cover

………Sure, it is great!


Running Boards

…….Great for the short people out there, not my cup of tea!  Not a big fan, but people still buy them.

Lift kit

…….Bad for the short people out there.  I am in this club.  


What ever your cup of tea, we find accessories that complete the look we want to achieve on our rides.  Did I mention that I think you should get a truck bed liner………