Here Are 3 Ways a Spray on Bed Liner Can Protect Your Trailer

Whether you use a trailer to haul your boat or to transport live animals, it probably takes a beating every single time that you use it. Using a spray on protective coating can help keep your trailer in top shape by ensuring that it is resistant to scratches, scrapes, rust and dirt.  Let’s not forget about the resale value.  Long term use and abuse is going to drive the value down.   Scorpion’s XO2 offer non-skid, abuse protection, and increases durability.  How about other areas of the unit…..rock chips can be a major problem leading to corrosion.  A simple bed liner coatings is the best solution. 

Scorpion protective coatings can be used to provide RVs, recreational trailers and fifth wheels with a waterproof, slip-resistant surface. You can use Scorpion protective coatings on just about any area of your trailer. A spray-on protective lining works equally well for roofs and floors. A protective coating does more than just protect your trailer—it can make it easier to keep it clean.

There are several different uses for spray-on protective liners when it comes to trailers. Here are three of the top ways that you can use spray-on protective liners for trailers.

Provide a Non-Stick Surface for Livestock Trailers

If you transport live animals, such as horses or livestock, you want to protect both the trailer and the animals. A protective spray-on liner will help protect both. Spray-on liners from Scorpion are resistant to slips, which provides a more stable and solid ground for your animals to stand on while being transported. A Scorpion liner will also protect against dirt, rocks and other damage that can occur when transporting animals. Plus, a liner makes it easier to keep your trailer clean.   The bed liner also provides protection from the unpleasant animal waste.  Anyone who transports livestock know that over time, this will severely degrade deck boards.

Protect Boat Trailers From Water Damage

Over time, repeated water submersion can rust and corrode your boat trailer. You need a liner if your want to protect it from rust and corrosion. A liner can help prolong the life of your trailer and protect it from abrasions and other damage.

Prevent ATV Trailers From Dings and Scratches

Your ATVs and other sports vehicles can be tough on your trailer. Using a spray in bed liner from Scorpion can help it stand up to a lifetime of hauling your sport utility vehicles around.

If you would like more information about protective spray-on liners and coatings, contact Scorpion today. A Scorpion representative will be happy to answer any questions that you might have about using Scorpion protective coatings on your toy hauler, enclosed trailer, or any other surface that might need to be protect.