Top 10 Trucks (according to Team Scorpion)

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What is your Favorite Pick Up Truck?


We are bed liner people here at Scorpion Protective Coatings.  So it is a safe bet that we are truck people too.  


Trucks are natural for bed liner people and you can look in our parking lot see all makes and models.  Some trucks are more popular for sprayers because they are perceived as being easier to spray. Some complain about the F-150 because there are so many features in the bed (especially the Platinum Edition).   Others, for no real reason, prefer to spray a Ram.  So much is just based on personal taste.   Like any other purchase we make, many times it comes down to personal preference.  Maybe it is just the smoking hot deal of a life time that you can’t pass up.   

Modern trucks are not only workhorses, but they are also sleek and comfortable rides.  The ability to do work is a given, but the overall look of these trucks are quite amazing.  


Protecting the investment….

A truck bed liner will help maintain a fresh look.  It is made to be durable and handle the day to day work and abuse thrown at it.  A spray in truck bed liner is a step that should be taken to help the truck in the long run.   


According to JD Power, below is the top 10 trucks in the US according to sales totals.  


  1. F-150
  2. Silverado 1500
  3. Ram 1500
  4. F-Series Super Duty
  5. Tacoma
  6. Sierra 1500
  7. Ram Heavy Duty
  8. Silverado 2500
  9. Chevy Colorado
  10. Tundra


You can’t argue with sales numbers!  BUT, we here a Scorpion took our own poll to establish the Scorpion Top 10!   For our poll, all things were considered.  


Everyone has their style and what appeals to them.  This is very arbitrary when dealing with a small sample size, but hey, this is the The Team Scorpion evaluation.  For some, the sleek million dollar look of an F-150 Platinum is complete crap while others dream about capturing that look.   


When you turn the key, does it start?  Really, with modern technology, this is a much deeper question.  New trucks last, but do they have little issues that cause you a headache when taking back to the dealership…maybe it is because of getting nickeled and dimmed in the service department.  


I love a sporty, sleek look.  For me, nothing captures that look like a Toyota Tacoma!  But, I don’t think you will find many farmers who will rave about the tons that can be towed.  Again, this category is very arbitrary.  


Spray-ability (we are truck bed liner people) 

Every bed liner sprayer has their own personal favorite truck to spray.  Reasons can range from accessories in the bed to shape and size. Another huge factor on today’s truck is wiring for backup cameras.  The newest models have wiring that can be very difficult to release. Many truck bed liner sprayers have transitioned to leaving the tailgate on(not our preferred method).  



When you give it gas, does it throw you back in the seat?  Ok, so performance is more than just giddy-up! Your needs from the truck will dramatically affect which you purchase.  If you plan to tow farm equipment, i bet you will be looking at super duty or heavy duty package.   


We have boaters and farmers here in our rural community.  Things they tow range from boats and jet skis, to trailers loaded with bales of hay or straw. This may be the determining factor when making a purchase.  Although some may go a lifetime without towing anything, others make a living from towing.      


Kick Ass Factor

Let’s face….Trucks kick ass!  That is part of what makes them fun and one of the most purchased vehicles.  I find the piece of mind that comes with having a 4 wheel driving sitting in my driveway during the winter months very comforting.  Snow…who cares! Ice….So what! Trash to haul……no problem! They are workhorses that make your life easier all the time.  


Honorable Mention


One of the things to consider is that while we are truck people, we are also pretty fond of jeeps!  Therefore I must mention that even though Jeeps were not on the list distributed to our team members, the Jeep Gladiator received a few votes as did  the Jeep Wrangler. So, I am including an honorable mention category for Jeeps. Side-note, all the Jeeps that sit in our parking lot have been sprayed with bed liner.   

Let’s get into the rankings….

Once again, these are the ranking according to J.D. Power


  • How J.D. Powers Ranked
  • F-150
  • Silverado 1500
  • Ram 1500
  • F-Series Super Duty
  • Tacoma
  • Sierra 1500
  • Ram Heavy Duty
  • Silverado 2500
  • Chevy Colorado
  • Tundra

How Team Scorpion Ranked them…..

  1. Silverado 1500

  2. Ram 1500

  3. Silverado 2500

  4. F-150

  5. F-Series Super Duty

  6. Tacoma

  7. Sierra 1500

  8. Ram Heavy Duty

  9. Tundra

  10. Chevy Colorado


The 1st and 2nd place finishers had a sizable lead over the other trucks.  I personally was surprised to see the F-150 not in the top the top 2. It is of course the top selling truck in the US.  On the opposite end of the rankings, the gap for the final 2 places of the Tundra and Colorado was sizable, the separation was enormous.  It is clear that the Scorpion Team is not a fan of the midsize truck such as the Colorado. The Tacoma finished on the lower end of the rankings.  I suspect it’s sporty look and overall dependability kept it out of the bottom places. Seriously…..Tacoma’s last forever! In the end, the full size trucks won the day.  Our list was similar to that of J.D. Powers, which did not surprise me. My biggest surprise from our ranking was the Ford F-150. It is far and away the top selling truck in the US, and to see it check in at #4 on our list.  


What about the Jeep?


If not for the honorable mention, the Jeep Wrangler or Gladiator would have finished near the bottom of our list.  BUT, it still would have made the list. What is not to like about a boxy vehicle that does ride exceptionally well and gets minimal gas mileage? I can’t imagine any vehicle list that I am a part of that does not in some way include a Jeep.  I guess this is me taking writer privileges.     


Trucks are GREAT!  


Any list will have some bias and this one is no different.  The bottom line is that we love trucks just like the rest of the United States and the whole world for that matter.  

They serve you!  They look great! They work!


If you need a spray in truck bed liner to add protection to your truck, give us a shout (800) 483-9087 or find a dealer near you!