Mushroom Season Coming Up

I have not been on vacation since the first of the year.  I have been out of the office working several trade shows and visiting with Distributors.

With a long and hard winter slowly exiting and spring just around the corner, I am trying to work a spring turkey hunt into my schedule.  The other hunt I am always interested in is morel mushrooms.  There is nothing better (IMO) than a big plate of fried mushrooms.

A mushroom hunter’s dream hunt is finding a dead elm tree that everywhere you look around, there are mushrooms.  I have seen 10 lbs or more in one spot 5 times in my life.

I generally bring home more than I need and I have several people in the community that are no longer able to get our and hunt them any more.  There is nothing more satisfying watching big smiles appear on their faces as I stop by and give them a bag of mushrooms.  In face, my phone has already started ringing and people asking when are you going mushroom hunting.

I will post my first findings as soon as possible.  See you in the woods!