TECH CORNER: Window Film Tool Tip

A Couple of Helpful WF Tool Tips

Tool manufacturers make hundreds of different tools for installation. Most tools will have a varying hardness, thickness, length etc… There are tools made specifically for back windows, for working around gaskets, brake lights, and anything else you can think of that may make it difficult to install film.

Maintain your tools; keep the edges clean to prevent scratching, gouging, or even tearing the film. The right tools make the job easy and saves time. Techniques will vary, you can ask 100 film installers how they do a certain installation and you can receive 100 different answers.

My biggest tip to new installers is practice and cleanliness. I believe window prep is the most important part of film installation. Once you get a few cars under your belt, cutting patterns and shrinking becomes easy. Making sure your glass is as clean as possible is crucial. You can cut your best pattern, shave the edges, have the perfect fit and the install can be ruined by debris in between the glass and film.