TECH CORNER: Rubber Crumb

Adding Texture – Increase SqFt

The Rubber Crumb additive is used when a more aggressive non-skid finish is needed, such as, any exterior walking or working surface that will be exposed to the elements. The amount of the Rubber Crumb that is used can be adjusted according to how aggressive the finish needs to be.

The Rubber Crumb finish is popular on Utility/Service Bodies, Trailer Floors, Boat Docks, Walkways, Patio’s, Pool Decks and Boat Decks to name a few.

The Rubber Crumb additive is also used as a cost saving measure. By using the less expensive Rubber Crumb as an inexpensive filler, it can reduce your material costs by 10 to 25 percent. For example, a gallon of the XO2 will cover 20 SF @ 62 mils depth at a per SF cost of about $2.55 per SF. By adding 40 ounces of Rubber Crumb, that same gallon of XO2 now covers 25.5 SF @ 62 mils and reduces the per SF cost to $2.06. This is a cost savings of 20%.

To apply the Rubber Crumb application, mix the XO2 as you normally would. Stop mixing at about 30 seconds or as soon as the “C” (white) component has mixed in. Then, add the 40 ounces of Rubber Crumb and finish mixing for another 30 seconds. Do not exceed a total of one minute of high speed mix time or you can significantly reduce the pot life of the mix.

NOTE: If mixing a large batch, you are adding more than 5 quarts to your mix. This will not fit in a 5 quart container. You must use a larger (10 quart) container to mix in.

Set your Scorpion Spray Gun at 40-45 PSI and your trigger at about 1/3rd trigger pull. This will give you a uniform finish that is easier to apply than the standard XO2 since the Rubber Crumb dictates the finish. Maintain right angles to the spray surface and always use the cross-hatch spray pattern to avoid waves in the finish.

If you are getting a lot of the Rubber Crumb bouncing out of the finish, you need to increase the trigger pull. If you are getting large droplets (about dime size or larger) that are not uniform in finish, then you need to decrease the trigger pull.

For an extremely aggressive finish, such as a trailer or forklift ramp, you can topcoat the Rubber Crumb finish with the Gripper Granule additive. However, that is an article for another time.