TECH CORNER: Gripper Granules

Adding Texture – EXTREME TEXTURE

The Gripper additive is used to create the most aggressive non-skid finish that Scorpion offers. Recommended applications include oilfield vehicles, oil rig catwalks & decks, forklift ramps and to replace the sand covered stick-on strips with a permanent solution.

To apply the material, a base coat of the standard XO2 must be applied at 55-60 mils and allowed to tack over for about 45 minutes. To reduce costs, the Base Coat can be a 50% Rubber Crumb configuration.

Once the XO2 has tacked over, mix a small batch of the XO2 for about 30 seconds or as soon as the “C” (white) component has mixed in. Then, add the same amount of Gripper as you added of the “A” component and finish mixing for another 30 seconds. Do not exceed a total of one minute of high speed mix time or you can significantly reduce the pot life of the mix.

NOTE: If mixing a large batch, you are adding more than 5 quarts to your mix. This will not fit in a 5 quart container. You must use a larger (10 quart) container to mix in.

Set your Scorpion Spray Gun at 40-45 PSI and your trigger at about 1/3rd trigger pull. Apply a texture coat (5-8 mils) of the Gripper mix over the XO2 base. Do not apply any thicker or the granules will sink into the XO2 and you will lose the aggressive profile of the Gripper granules.