Only a Little Bit of Math Required

We routinely get phone calls from Dealers and potential dealers asking how much of the XO2 bed liner material that they will need to do a bed liner coating project that is not a standard truck bed.
The first calculation that we need to know is the total square footage of the bed liner coating project. For example, if you are doing a 7’ by 15’ trailer floor you will have 105 SF of area to apply the bed liner coating on (7 X 15 = 105). If you are also doing a drop-down ramp that would add about 49 SF (7 X 7 = 49). And, if you are going to go up the sidewall a foot, that would be an additional 37 SF (1’ around the 3 sides). Now, you would have a grand total of 191 SF of surface area to apply the XO2 bed liner coating to.

If you are applying just the XO2 bed liner coating you would divide the 191 SF by 20 to get a 1/16th inch coverage depth. 191 ÷ 20 = 9.55 gallons.

If you are using the Rubber Crumb additive at the standard 50% ratio that is recommended for this type of project, you would divide the total square footage by 25.5 to get the same 1/16th inch coverage rate. 191 ÷ 25.5 = 7.5 gallons of the XO2 bed liner coating with 2.3 gallons of the Rubber Crumb additive.

XO2: 20 SF per gallon equals 1/16th inch coverage. 10 SF per gallon equals 1/8th inch.

XO2 with 50% Rubber: 25.5 SF per gallon for 1/16th”. 12.75 SF per gallon for 1/8th”.