For you lucky folks enjoying this summer heat wave this is a reminder about the precautions for the 8001 Adhesion Promoter and a curing bed liner in direct sunlight.

At 95° plus you cannot put a newly sprayed bed liner in direct sunlight right after it is sprayed. If you do, you risk causing a delamination due to trapped solvents in the curing bed liner. The combination of high temperature and direct sunlight on a black bed liner will quickly equate to temperatures on the surface of the liner at well over 120°. This will cause the liner to tightly “skin over” trapping the solvents and the curing 8001 instead of letting it release as it normally would.

You can take the same truck, in the same time frame, and simply park it in the shade instead of the direct sunlight and the liner will cure like normal with no adverse reaction whatsoever.

For you folks in low or no humidity areas, lightly mist over the 8001 after it has been applied with a water bottle to immediately activate the 8001. You can also use this trick anytime you want to speed up the 8001 tack time of the bed liner adhesion promoter.