TECH CORNER: 8001 Adhesion Promoter

A Primer on 8001 Adhesion Promoter

We recently have had a few applicators call with questions on 8001 Adhesion Promoter. Here are a few tips on using 8001 to make sure that you don’t have any installation failures due to 8001 issues.

– 8001 Adhesion Promoter should be applied at less than 1 mil thickness. If it is too thick, it could take a long time to become tacky and cause issues with adhesion. If you spray too much, simply wipe off the excess and check to make sure the surface is tacky before application.

-8001 Adhesion Promoter is moisture sensitive. Moisture is what causes it to react. Therefore in low humidity locations it may take a while for the reaction to take place. If this is the case, you can always mist water on top of the promoter to speed up the reaction. Consult your technical support rep for information if you are located in a low humidity area.

– 8001 Adhesion Promoter needs to be tacky before application. It should have the same tack as masking tape to the touch.

As always, contact your local Scorpion Technical Support Technician if you have any questions.