Windshield Treatment with Hydrophobic Coatings

Keeping the windshield clean can be a mundane task for vehicle owners, especially those driving in areas with lots of rain, dirty roads and busy highways. As car owners search for effective ways to minimize window cleaning, hydrophobic coatings have become increasingly popular. If you’re hearing about these coatings just now, we are happy to give you the low-down so you can understand why they are the right windshield treatment for your vehicle.

What are Hydrophobic Coatings?

Hydrophobic coatings are types of coatings that are applied to auto glass to give it self-cleaning properties. These coatings contain titanium oxide that causes water, dust and other debris to be readily dispersed from auto glass.

What Benefits Do Hydrophobic Coatings Have?

Low Maintenance

With untreated auto glass, rain water, dust and other debris do not easily disperse from auto glass. In areas with adverse weather, the wiper blades are uses excessively in order to clean the glass surface. With excessive use, the wiper blades wear easily, requiring to be replaced often. All of these can lead to high maintenance costs.

When a hydrophobic coating is applied, it helps force water into bigger round droplets that easily and quickly disperse across the glass, wicking away dirt and other debris. This helps to safeguard your windshield, and reduces the need for a wiper blade, thus keep maintenance costs at a minimum.

Increased Safety

The use of ceramic coatings on your windshield is an important safety component in a vehicle as it protects the occupants from debris and weather elements. With untreated glass, water, dust, and other debris stick onto glass, diminishing visibility. Furthermore, weather elements and debris can also wear down your windshield, leaving it prone to cracks that can lead to visibility problems. With diminished visibility, chances of road accidents are quite high.

The biggest advantage with hydrophobic coatings is the increased safety they bring through their self-cleaning property. When appropriately applied, these coatings give auto glass the ability to cleanse itself by automatically getting rid of water, debris, and dust through the hydrolysis process. This helps to increase optical clarity during hazardous driving, thus results in increased safety on the road.

Hydrophobic coatings are not only a smart invention, but they are also a great investment as far as auto safety is concerned. For best results, it is highly advisable to hire a professional to this perform the installation of this windshield treatment.