Substrate Preparation

Spraying a protection coatings is surface is FUN!  Yes, thats right, I SAID FUN!!


I love to spray!  The feeling of the gun pumping out to quality product that will protect and provide durability is amazing!

Unfortunately, for a protective coating to provide the protection and durability that it should, you must do the proper preparation to ensure adhesion.  And this is the part that no one likes doing!


Prep Is Key

Of all the substrates I have ever worked with, the most demanding is bare aluminum.  This substrate is almost exclusive a problem that is address inside manufacturing facilities.  Manufacturers use aluminum for its strength and because it is light weight.  Saving pounds on equipment and service vehicles goes a long way in making it more eco friendly and attractive to the end users.


Below, I have outline a the process that should be followed when spraying bare aluminum.  Most of this is self explanatory, but I do want to highlight the very first step and tell you why!

When working with bare aluminum, shippers and manufactures will deliver it the end user in certain states.  Many will apply a protective oil over the bare to protect it from short term corrosion.   A real life example of this was cabinet that were to be placed in ambulances.  The manufacturer received 2 deliveries of aluminum and began fabricating the cabinet.  Once done, both were sprayed with the standard XO2 process for this substrate.

The Result…. one cabinet peeled off and the other adhered perfectly.   Lesson learned…..every time, wipe down with acetone as the first step in the coating process.


Scorpion XO2 application on aluminum


Clean thoroughly with acetone.  (See story above)

Scratch the surface with 60-80 grit sand paper.  

Clean thoroughly with acetone.  


Aluminum Primers

Scorpion has tested and recommends either of these primers which are rated for aluminum.


-DuPont, Variprime 615S

-PPG, DP 40 

-SEM, Metalock


Once you have applied the aluminum primer, you should follow the manufacturer’s recommendation before top coating with Scorpion 8001 adhesion promoter. 

Allow the 8001 adhesion promoter to tack for 10 minutes before spraying Scorpion XO2.


Please see attached Scorpion Shop Manual for additional information and XO2 mixing and application guides.