Still Standing

Flex Your Muscle!

I think it is a good time for automotive shops to be proud.  Stand up, take a bow, flex your muscle!

With all the misery that has been thrown at us over the last year and a half, non-essential things are looked at a little differently.  While we all love our vehicles, it is non-essential and some of the typical upgrades have been put on hold on outright cancelled.

Like restaurants and numerous other businesses, normal activity had to be paused, closed, or even shuttered.  In our small town, restaurants seemed to be the rallying point of numerous initiatives and effort.  But, no one was lining up to help the automotive shops.  Small business owners felt more effect of Covid that others.  Others were worrying about the virus and paychecks, while small business owners had to worry about all that and their employees, their employees health, employees paychecks, and their own families.

STRESS….Yes and lots of it!


I am sure there are hundreds of other small business types out there that carried the same burden as the automotive shops that no one lined up to help.  But, as you can imagine, Scorpion is part of the automotive industry so we are thinking about the automotive shops.  It is like looking out for your own family.  Of course you care about the other in the neighborhood, but you have to look after your own first.

All the problems!

Thinking back to the early days of COVID, I am reminded of the uncertainty surrounding the virus.  Is it safe to go to work? Is it safe to go to the grocery store?  Scorpion was open everyday throughout the ordeal and shipping to our customers that had needs for product.   Supporting our customers became our number one priority.  From ensuring they had products, to researching grant applications for them to pursue, we needed to be in a position help.

Currently we are dealing with supply chain issues.   Like much of the US, our supply chain is out of whack and who knows when things might return to what we consider normal.    Lack of raw materials has been our biggest challenge as of late.  Any one connected to the bed liner or polyurea market is well aware of these ongoing struggles.  As our industry tries to regulate to normalcy, it looks like that hill is a lot steeper that we thought it would be.  We are well behind with numerous backorders as we await materials for our bed liner.   As we roll on down the COVID trail, we have other products for you to consider if you need to supplement your offerings.

You can check out our Window Film lineup here.   The SWF lineup is complete with Carbon, Ceramic, and other lifetime warranty films.  We also have numerous Ceramic Coating products that are perfect for the detail shop.  You can see the Ceramix Lineup here.    Many of these products can be purchased through our online portal or you can reach us direct.  We might even have a distributor in your area that will save on shipping cost and lead time.