Start-Up Packages


Scorpion Truck Bed Liner & OEM/Commercial/Industrial Coatings Packages

Scorpion offers potential applicators many options when getting started with Scorpion. Start-Up Packages are designed to get you, the applicator, all of the materials that you need to get your Scorpion business going with a quick return on investment.

We divide these packages into two categories – Truck Bed Liner Packages and OEM/Commercial/Industrial Packages. The difference between the two are that our coatings can be used in both the truck bed liner market as well as commercial and industrial use. For customers that are spraying truck bed liners, you are offering your services to the public. In this scenario, you would need marketing materials and be placed online so your customers can find you. If you are using Scorpion coatings for OEM/Commercial/Industrial applications or Marine applications, you probably do not need these things. Your company only needs the tools and materials.

Truck Bed Liner Packages

This is for customers that want to spray truck bed liners plus other items for the public. These packages come with everything you need to get started with Scorpion. If you need more marketing support, check out the marketing packages that fit your specific needs.

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OEM/Commercial/Industrial Packages

These packages are designed with the commercial applicator in mind. Type of applicators include: manufacturers, contractors, and up-fitters. We work with these customers in wide range of industries including: trailers, utility beds & bodies, aeronautics, oil & gas companies, commercial equipment, pre-fab storage buildings, waste management, government projects, and more.

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Marine Packages

Marine Packages are very similar to OEM/Commercial/Industrial Packages. Scorpion performs extremely well in Marine Applications due to seamless, non-slip, and watertight application that can be applied to wood, metals and fiberglass. There are many applications where Scorpion products can protect surfaces and provide safety measures to crew and passengers.

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