Scorpion Coatings Spruce Grove

Spruce Grove, Alberta

Owner: Mike Freund

Phone: 780-234-5134

Bed Liners For Any Surface

Years in business: 3 Years

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History of business:

We got into Scorpion Coatings nearly three years ago. I was looking for a bed liner/ rock guard that was not restricted to one color or use. I found Terry and his team at Master Automotive/Scorpion Canada, and liked the possibilities the product had to offer. I started with the truck bed coating basics, while simultaneously experimenting on personal items with varying textures, colors and finishes.

We moved towards spraying custom designs and colors/tints on vehicles. We can now do any color imaginable, textures ranging from extremely smooth to rough rock guard, glossy to matte finishes, and recently I have nailed down a pearl finish.

I personally like doing out of the box work, including glow in the dark or logos. Currently I am developing a process to spray chameleon colors. We do a lot of full truck coating sprays, and they are becoming increasingly popular. Over time we have also expanded into spraying industrial equipment with protective coating, such as cranes and trailers.

With Terry’s direction we also started applying our product to exterior wood decks. Which has really taken off. The summers are extremely full now with both shop jobs and decks.

Scorpion Truck Bed Liner

Other services offered:

We have provided training for new Scorpion dealers just getting into the business. Along with all our spray bed liner possibilities, we also offer rust inhibiting services, and undercoating applications. We also do all of our own body work and sandblasting in house. We have even done some small painting projects.




Feedback about Scorpion:

Scorpion is great to work with because it allows you to manipulate the liner and create different blends. I have been able to experiment and develop new techniques. We are fortunate to be located so close to the head office, we have been able to become close to Terry and his team. They have been incredible to work with and extremely accommodating and helpful. I know I can always call Terry when I need technical guidance.