Spring is finally coming, and with it comes thoughts of spring cleaning everything from the cab of your truck to your garage. While cleaning is great, spring is also a time to do a little maintenance to your truck to ensure it is running at its best for the hot summer months that are coming. Here are important maintenance steps to take this spring.

1. Check and Recharge the AC

Spring weather means summer is just around the corner, and no one wants to suffer in a hot, sweltering cab of a truck. Before the temperatures start to soar, make sure your air conditioning system is working properly. If it isn’t running cool, take it in for a recharge so you will be ready when the summer temperatures come.

2. Check Your Fluids

As you are maintaining your vehicle, take the time to check all of the fluids. If you haven’t had a transmission fluid flush in a while, now is the time to invest in one. Letting the transmission fluid get stale could lead to very costly repair if your transmission fails, so this maintenance is worth investing in. check your truck’s owner’s manual for recommendations for oil changes, and do your oil change if it’s time for one.

3. Rotate and Inspect Your Tires

Winter driving conditions can take a toll on your tires, particularity if your area has been plagued with potholes. In the spring, rotate your tires to ensure even wear, and as you do, inspect them for signs of damage or worn tread after the winter driving season. Replace tires when the tread depth reaches about 1/8 inch. While replacing tires is an expense, it is far better to spend money now than to end up stranded on the side of the road in your truck with a flat. Make sure you inspect your spare while you are doing this process.

4. Check the Alignment

Nothing’s quite as frustrating as a powerful truck that pulls to one side, and winter driving, especially if you hit a pothole or two, can throw off your alignment. If you’re noticing that the steering wheel vibrates or the truck pulls, then you have an alignment issue. Have it checked and adjusted if needed. The check is fairly affordable, and having the truck aligned will make it far more enjoyable to drive.

5. Check Your Brakes

While you’re fine-tuning your truck and preparing it for the warmer weather seasons, make sure that you check your brakes. They are one of the most important safety features for your truck, so you want to ensure that the pads are in good shape and the rotors are functioning properly. Making small adjustments can save money in the future by preventing costly brake jobs.

6. Give the Truck’s Bed some TLC

Spring and summer typically mean more projects, and more projects mean you will be relying on your truck to haul stuff. Make sure the truck’s bed is ready. If you don’t have a liner or coating on the interior of the truck bed, consider adding one to keep it more durable through the summer season. Inspect the underside for signs of rust, and address them quickly before they can grow and destroy your truck’s bed. Consider adding a cover for your truck bed if you plan to haul delicate items regularly. Remember, the bed of your truck is going to take quite a bit of abuse in the coming months, so make sure it is ready to handle it.

Spring means more opportunities to rely on your truck to help with work, projects and recreation. By giving it a little TLC early in the season, you will be well prepared for whatever outdoor adventures await in the coming months.