Get Superior Protection with a Spray On Bed Liner

A spray on bed liner is the best way to protect your truck bed from scratches and the elements while also making it look great. Instead of installing a plastic liner, you spray on a protective polyurethane coating that adheres directly to the metal and That means you don’t have to worry about your bed deteriorating over time, rusting out and becoming an ugly shell of its former self. That’s because you have the best possible protection with a spray on bed liner. Best of all, spray on liner can come in different colors, is durable and is light and affordable to install.

Problems with Drop-In Bed Liners

Most truck beds are lined with drop-in liners that deteriorate over time. Worse, many of them have no liner at all, which causes the paint to slowly disappear as cargo is loaded and unloaded. That leaves the bare metal of your truck bed exposed to rain, snow and rust. Even when lined, those drop-in bed liners too often wind up trapping water and moisture that eventually cause rust. They also suffer damage over time from cracking, splitting and other defects that require replacement of the entire liner or risk having your truck bed slowly deteriorate.

Prepping Your Truck Bed

Applying a spray on bed liner is a relatively simple and foolproof process. All needs to be done is to roughly sand the bed with at least 80- or as rough as 40-grit sandpaper. If you have any dents or metal pops from rocks thrown up underneath by your tires, you can pull the dents and hammer down the popped-up spots to make your bed surface smoother. You can remove the tailgate to make it easier to work with if you like, but it also can stay in place.

After sanding, the dust is removed to ensure the best fit. Then the sections that you don’t want sprayed are taped off and protected to prevent overspray from getting on them. A spray system applies the polyurethane spray on bed liner, which is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. After about a day of drying and curing, your spray on bed liner is ready for use.

Greater Adaptability

Your new bed liner can adapt to your changing usage needs. If you want to add a cap, rack, external tool box or other item, you can drill through the liner coating without it cracking or chipping. Once you bolt your new equipment into place, the fastening points are sealed, unlike with a drop-in liner. A drop in liner typically will leave tiny gaps between the fasteners and bed surface. But your spray on bed liner will create a secure seal that stops water and corrosion from getting to the metal underneath.

Final Results of Bed Liner That is Sprayed On

The end result will make your truck bed look new while also providing a durable, non-skid surface that is exceptionally tough and will last a lifetime. The spray on bed liner is available in optional textures and colors and creates a static-resistant surface. No matter which color or texture you choose, your truck bed will benefit from having maximum protection against rust, corrosion and abrasion. The liner also resists chemical corrosion while completely expelling water and moisture. The result is the best liner protection your  truck bed possibly could have and will last for years.