All your friends, family, and neighbors know that your truck is your baby. You wash it yourself on your driveway every week and never miss a spot. You park it as far away from other vehicles as you can to avoid any dents or scratches from potential parking incidents. You take care of your prized possession because you’ve made a big investment and you want to count on it day in and day out.

So, you are ready to take the extra steps to protect the appearance and functionality of your truck bed.  Perhaps you’ve already considered several options– from a spray in bed liner, truck bed covers, to toppers; but you’re just not sure which option will work the best.  You can easily go down to the parts store and get a drop in liner, right?  It would be quick and cheap. But, you know better. Remember those rumors you’ve heard? Those cheap, unreliable liners will eventually rust your bed, scratch it up, and leave you sitting worse off than you were before. You really want a more lasting relationship with your truck, right?

You don’t want to mess with the appearance of your truck too much, so a spray in bed liner is sounding more and more appealing. You could take your truck to the local shop for a  custom spray in bed liner job, but perhaps you don’t trust that they are using the right solution and their prices are a bit too expensive. Since a spray in solution is a much more permanent option, you may decide you want to have more control over the solution you use.  Rather than make an appointment, leave your truck and hand over your cash- you opt to do the job yourself.  But how?

At Scorpion Protective Coatings, we offer a DIY spray in bed liner that– you guessed it– you can apply all by yourself. We offer several options at affordable prices so that you can get the coverage, peace of mind, and maintain pride in your truck. Application is easy and our product is the best on the market.  We offer a wide range of polyurethane based protective coatings including the XO2 System, High-Pressure Polyurea Systems, and Cartridge Systems. We’ll even walk you through each step of the application process via our online training center.

At Scorpion, we offer the perfect spray in bed liner solution that will offer you lasting results and won’t break your bank account. There is no worry about rusting, scratching, or fading.  You and your truck…a match made in heaven.

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