Scorpion Spray-In Bed Liners: Why They’re Just Better


Whether you have just opened your own dealership and are looking for a superior quality bed lining product for your customers, or whether you are a “do it yourself” kind of person who is looking for the best way to extend the lifetime usefulness of your truck, Scorpion spray-in bed liners has you covered. For almost twenty years, Scorpion has developed a network of professional applicators in all fifty states and more than twenty different countries, as well as a loyal customer base that has been growing since they were established in 1996.

Now, there are probably some of you that are first time truck owners as well, and you might be reading this because you’re weighing your options, trying to decide whether to get a spray-in bed liner or a drop-in. First of all, you should know that a drop-in bed liner has a tendency to shift around, crack, and let in moisture that leads to rust in those hard to reach areas of your truck bed, making it less than ideal for protection. However, a spray-in bed liner doesn’t have any of these problems, it’s low maintenance, and is 100% resistant to those annoying issues of corrosion and rust that you would otherwise have to deal with.

So, with all of the other brands on the market, why should you choose a Scorpion spray-in bed liner? Here are just a few reasons that make Scorpion the superior choice.


Pride in the Quality of Their Product: This is a family owned and operated business out of Indiana, as opposed to being some major corporate conglomerate, so you’re dealing with people who understand the needs of a truck owner as opposed to some guys driving around in BMW’s who have never owned a truck in their lives.


Polyurethane-Based System: Now this makes Scorpion a great option for several reasons. First of all, it cuts down both the cost and amount of equipment needed to apply the product, making it easier for you do-it-yourselfers and more cost efficient for those of you trying to get your dealership up and running. It’s also easier to apply and UV stable, saving you time and energy as well as the trouble of having to reapply after a year or so due to fading and cracking with exposure to the sun. And, with texturing options, you also have the choice of creating a mixture with more grip to keep whatever you’re hauling from sliding around.


Extremely Tough and Durable: It doesn’t matter whether you’re hauling loads of heavy lumber, drywall, firewood, or whatever else you might need to take from Point A to Point B. Scorpion spray-in bed liners last for the lifetime of your truck. To ensure satisfaction with their work, each Scorpion bed liner comes with a lifetime warranty.


Custom Color and Texture Options: Perhaps your truck is one that you use for business purposes, and you need a coating and texture with a suitably professional look and feel. Or maybe you’re going for a certain style for your own personal truck, and you want something that feels a little tougher and more rugged. Either way, with Scorpion’s wide range of options, you can customize your spray-in bed liner to your own preferences. From slick and polished, to hard and aggressive, Scorpion has enough variety to suit any aesthetic needs you might have.


As you can see, Scorpion spray-in bed liners combine versatility, variety and quality, no matter what your needs might be. Go to Scorpion Coatings to learn more.