Scorpion XO2 Truck Bed Liner

The talk in this industry is always “spray in” versus “drop in”!  Which one is better, which one last, which one adds resale value.   At Scorpion, we of course believe that the truck bed spray liner is the ONLY option.  With 20+ years in the industry, we have seen a thing or two about how truck beds wear over time.  Experts…. Absolutely!



UV Stable

You want to protect your investment

You just left the dealership with your 65K truck, and you want to use it.  Truck bed liners protect the bed of the truck.  It confirms to the shapes and contours of the bed.  Proper prep work ensures an excellent bond to complete the performance package.  Now, if applicators do not take the required steps during installation, yes there can be issues.  At Scorpion, we offer our installers every means and unlimited options to learn the correct technique to ensure they offer their customers truck bed protection that will last.

Stand Up to Abuse

On more than one occasion, we have had trucks roll into a dealer with a drop-in liner installed.  It is very common to see that they have warped and no long fit properly.  This loose fit ensures that any movement of the liner is going to cause friction.  Friction=BAD.  As the drop in moves around it scratches the bed and corrosion begins.   Rust comes next as moisture enters and eventually holes in the bed.  When set up and ready to install a truck bed spray liner, there is nothing worse than removing the drop-in liner and finding holes in the truck bed.  Hope you are a body shop…….

UV Protection

Scorpion’s XO2 spray in truck bed liner system was developed to not only stand up to the day to day abuse, but also provide long term UV stability.  That is why we offer a lifetime warranty on the Scorpion XO2 system against normal wear and tear and fading.  We have stood behind our truck bed protection products for 20+ years.  Truck bed liners aren’t magical, but they can prevent anything from moderate to extreme wear and tear your truck will experience. It doesn’t mean that you can crash the back of your truck into a wall, but it does mean that you can load and unload cargo without worrying about being careful. Just one outing with a truck can destroy the paint job in the bed.


The Scorpion Promise

We lead the way when it comes to truck bed spray liners, and we ensure that all of our products are designed to give back to the customer. For those who love their trucks, there’s nothing better than buying something that will keep it from harm.When you have a truck, part of the fun is taking it to adventurous places and testing out its capabilities.  Get the proper truck bed protection you need to use your truck to maximum of its potential without having to worry about if it can take the abuse. For those who love making a mess, there’s nothing better than knowing that you’ll still be able to sell it later for a promising price. Our truck bed protection products are still functional years later, as opposed to drop in liners. If you’re looking for a truck bed liners to last, Scorpion is the name you need to know.   Find a dealer near you.