A new trend in the vehicle customization industry has been making its way onto city highways, back roads and even golf courses across the country, and around the world.

A specialized plastic coating that was once used exclusively as a spray-on protective liner for truck beds is now being applied to entire vehicles, and the effect is incredible, to say the least.

With the look of Mad Max cruisers that haven’t sacrificed any elegance, companies like Indiana-based Scorpion Protective Coatings, Inc., are transforming everything from Camaros to golf carts into sexy tanks.

This extended application for what has been a very small part of the aftermarket industry is now being featured as a high-tech way to protect a vehicle without sacrificing the visual style that is part of what first attracts a buyer.

Ideal as both a shield during adventurous off-roading and as everyday protection against nicks and scratches alike, these polyurethane-based protective coatings are being used all over the world.

As far away as fabled Easter Island in the southeastern Pacific Ocean, spray-on protective coatings prolong the lives of 4X4 trucks that carry tourists on off-road adventures to spy the nearly 900 stone “heads” that dot the volcanic landscape.

A world away, outdoor adventure mecca Southern California, where the sand and the snow can be an hour apart, is seeing a spike in requests for full-body vehicle coats.

One Simi Valley, California resident says he’s been religious about having his truck beds protected with Scorpion’s X02 fire-retardant coating, and now that he’s ready to replace his 2007 Ford F-150, is thinking about a whole-body coat.

“My son and I have been getting heavy into off-roading in the last year or so and this would be a great way to protect a new truck,” he says.

The cost of a total body spray can range anywhere from $3,000 to $5,000, whereas coating of the bed-liner alone is usually around $450 to $550, which may give pause to some who are considering going the Full Monty.

To find out how you can outfit your slick ride for daily wear or off-road havoc without sacrificing style and shine, contact Scorpion today!